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Best Saddlebags on the market! (Dave Steller)
Better than "Boss Bags" at $1000.00 (Mike Bass)
Made my Custom Bike look even better! (Danny Brend)
I can't believe how well made these saddlebags are for the price! (Tom Dent)
Look no further, these are the bags you want! (Russell Tucker)
I just wanted to write and let you guys know how kick ass your saddle bags are, but I'm sure you already knew that! I've been searching for a while for some nice throw over bags for my Harley springer, I didn't want cheap bags and finding good bags isn't all that easy! And then i found you guys...what a good day that was! I've seen bags that sold for twice as much that aren't nearly the quality that your are!

I'll be showing them off and telling everyone I know about them and where they can get their own. I'll be back to buy another set...they are that good!

Thanks Mike, you guys rock!

Tim Kaylor

Custom Classic Saddlebags,
I had been looking for bags for my Roadliner for months when I found a thread out there on the Internet about this company. I had ordered bags from two other companies only to find there products on back order for so long winter would have before my bags would have arrived. These other, big well known companies, looked like they offered a good product but it was never really clear who's product was actually leather and who's was vinyl. You can say all you want about the vinyl being better wearing, for me there is no substitute for leather. But real leather bags, real good leather bags and quick release brackets and you're spending $1000 and then you might as well consider hard, painted bags. I guess you could say I wanted my cake and to eat it too.So back to the beginning. I contacted CCSaddlebags and they were awesome. Mike was very helpful and not only said he could have the bags quickly but I about fell out of my chair when he said that he actually stocked these custom bags and only had to make some small changes at my request.Then they were willing to Fedex them to me so I could have them even quicker!There are only a few companies left in the world that go above and beyond your expectations and seeing these bags and dealing with this company has left no doubt in my mind that the folks at CSSaddlebags are one of those few, best of companies.Thanks so much for a great product and fantasitc customer service.

Gino Niccoli C.E.O.NBM, LLC


I got the saddlebags yesterday and...wow!! You did a beautiful job. You guys should sell 10x the volume you do now. The quality is top notch, real, quality, heavy duty leather and hand done, old fashioned craftsmanship. What a find.

On top of that, I saw that you carry Corbin saddles and that you might be able to save me money and I'm scrimping my cash to make it happen so let me know. I am wanting the Classic Solo (close version), then the passenger seat too and one of the donut backrests. What kind of prices do you think you can do. From Corbin all three of these pieces are about $900.00.



These are a great addition to any rider who wants to be able to strap things down on his bike. We have designed these straps to be able to stretch almost three times their original size. This helps you strap down anything from a pair of gloves to a large leather jacket. They are made of a very thick, latex material that will not scratch your paint or your chrome. The positive lock ends allows you to strap down your gear without worrying about the straps coming off, once they are on, they are on. We make two sizes, 12" and 17" and they come 4 to a pack. All of our quick detachable bags come the 4 d-rings on the lid to allow you to strap down your gear to the top of the bags.

Check out our gallery. We have thousands of satisfied customers who have taken the time to send a photo of their bike with our bags on them. We have hundreds of images of almost all of our designs on almost every bike made. Click on this link or go to the top of the page and click on the gallery and browse around. You will see how different sizes fit different models and it should help you find the best fit for your bike.


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