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Enduro Motorcycle Saddle Bags

At Custom Classic Motorcycle Saddlebags we use top of the line products to make our Enduro Motorcycle Saddle Bags. We use premium grade, thick, heavy duty Latigo leather that has been weather treated to help protect the Enduro Motorcycle Saddle Bags. We reinforce the back with steel. The sides, the gusset, the lid and the front of the Enduro Motorcycle Saddle Bags are reinforced with a heavy duty ABS plastic which makes our bags hold their shape just like a hard bag. We place solid brass-nickel plated studs on the Enduro Motorcycle Saddle Bags which are guaranteed not to rust. We add all heavy duty hardware to the bags including heavy duty chrome buckles and chrome conches. We reinforce all the stress areas of the bags with rivets. We even have quick release buckles. The lid of each set of Enduro Motorcycle Saddle Bags has four D Rings to let you tie down your jacket or item to the top of the bags. We have designed a that will last you forever. Custom Classic Saddlebags guarantees all of our products. We offer several different styles of both ";Bolt On"; and ";Throw Over"; style Enduro Motorcycle Saddle Bags.

All of our Enduro Motorcycle Saddle Bags come with Quick Release Buckles, Fully reinforced back with steel. Reinforced sides, bottom and face of bags including the lid with ABS!

At Custom Classic Saddlebags, all of our Bolt On Enduro Motorcycle Saddle Bags comes complete with a set of Quick Release Brackets.

Large heavy duty, Bolt on Enduro Motorcycle Saddle Bags. Premium grade, thick, heavy-duty leather. Reinforced with thick, ABS plastic in the sides, the gussets and the face of the bags to help them hold their shape. The backs of these bags are reinforced with steel. Weather treated leather to help protect Enduro Motorcycle Saddle Bags from the elements. Stress points are reinforced with rivets. Heavy-duty, chrome hardware guaranteed not to rust. Quick release buckles to allow quick and easy access into your bags. D-Rings on lid to allow gear to be strapped down to the lid. These bolt on Enduro Motorcycle Saddle Bags will fit most of the larger cruisers.

Fully reinforced with ABS and Steel!
100% premium, thickest grade 10 - 12 oz weather treated leather!
Custom made not mass produced ensures better product!
Steel backing plate in back of bags
ABS/PVC in the lids, faces, and gussets
Quick release pinch buckles under straps
Cargo strap loops on top (straps not included)
Made in the USA!

20";x13.5";x7"; Storage capacity is huge!

Custom made out of 100% premium grade leather. The leather is premium quality 10-12 ounce black leather that has been dye struck all the way through. They do not make leather any thicker. It has been weather treated to help preserve the leather in weather.

These Enduro Motorcycle Saddle Bags are fully reinforced, no more Saggy Bags!

The backs of these bags have a 1/4"; piece of ABS plastic and is also reinforced with a plate of steel. This makes the bags very sturdy when mounting them to your bike.

The lids, the front, and the inside of the bags are also ABS plastic reinforced. These bags will maintain their shape. The bags are uniquely designed these bags so they can be over stuffed with gear and still expand even though they are fully reinforced with ABS plastic.

Motorcycle Saddlebags will include quick release buckles to get in and out of the bags quickly without unbuckling the leather straps. We have added a way to lock the lids of these bags, simply place a lock between the two D-Rings on the leather straps and that will prevent opening the lid. There is a pocket to the outside of each bag. These pockets are great for storing your cell phone, or your keys, or even your garage door opener.

The top of the lid on both bags have 4 D-Rings that allow you to tie down your jacket or chaps or any of your gear while you are riding. This frees up more space inside your bags.

Only high quality chrome buckles are used in our products.

Compare our products to Enduro Motorcycle Saddle Bags that go for $800 and more.

Think of them as Super Saddle Bags!


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